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Welcome to MaxxForce®.

It takes more than an engine to power your design. So you’ll find the team from Navistar stands behind each and every MaxxForce diesel engine with engineering expertise in design and application, after sales support and global reach. See for yourself.

Defining Success

Navistar engine professionals talk about taking performance to the next level.


Our Engines

MaxxForce 3.2 Engine

Engineered for Challenges Worldwide.

At Navistar, we’ve produced more than 15 million commercial diesel engines for on- and off-road vehicles and power generation applications. We work closely with customers worldwide to ensure each MaxxForce model delivers performance tailored to their design needs.

The MaxxForce 3.2, for example, delivers fuel efficiency, high torque and power in a wide rpm range for light commercial trucks, minibuses, SUVs and vans.

To learn about our full line of engines, visit maxxforce.com.

Collaboration is Key

Maximizing engine performance begins with dialogue.

MaxxForce 7.2 Engine

Customer Success is in Our DNA.

From developing cleaner diesel solutions without sacrificing power to introducing new ideas in fuel economy, Navistar is focused on you. We work closely with customers worldwide to ensure every MaxxForce engine is optimized for their needs today – and is ready for tomorrow’s challenges too.

The MaxxForce 7.2 incorporates an innovative 4-valve cylinder head and cross-flow arrangement for performance, reliability and durability with high fuel efficiency and lower maintenance costs.

To learn about our full line of engines, visit maxxforce.com.

MaxxForce 10 Engine

Engineering a Green Future.

Navistar is committed to a greener global environment. Our engineers push the limits of eco-friendly engine design and we invest in alternative fuel projects such as biodiesel to reduce pollutant emissions in the atmosphere. When customers ask for cleaner, quieter and more efficient engine technologies, we deliver.

The high-output MaxxForce 10 diesel engine incorporates traditional big bore features like wet-sleeve design and in-chassis rebuild capability for high performance and low maintenance.

To learn about our full line of engines, visit maxxforce.com.

Trusted by Leaders Worldwide.

Leading vehicle designers from Asia to North America rely on MaxxForce diesel engines in their critical applications. Major customers include manufacturers of agricultural equipment; on-highway transportation; consumer light trucks, recreational vehicles and SUVs; transit buses; fire rescue apparatus; power generation; and industrial equipment.

  • Truck & Bus
  • Industrial
  • Pickup & SUV
  • Fire & Emergency
  • Motorhome
  • Agriculture
  • Generator
  • Defense
  • Marine
SUV with MaxxForce engine
RV with MaxxForce engine
Flat-bed truck with MaxxForce engine
Semi truck with MaxxForce engine
Flat-bed truck with MaxxForce engine
Tractor with MaxxForce engine
Bus with MaxxForce engine

Global Support

MaxxForce engineer in engine packaging crate

More Than a Product. A Relationship.

When you spec a MaxxForce engine, you gain the insights and expertise of Navistar engineers and technicians who are always ready to support your vehicle design. Around the globe, we’re there with proven knowledge, proactive solutions, service, training and a commitment to building long-term customer relationships.

The Spirit of Support

What drives Navistar engine professionals to go beyond for customers?

MaxxForce engineers with engine

Expertise that Gives You the Edge.

Regardless of your application, the right technical advice can create a significant performance advantage. Navistar engineers, designers and scientists seek to understand your unique challenges and the operational complexities of your design project. Then we support you with precision engineering, technical innovation and better ways of maximizing your engine’s performance.

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A Global Organization That Comes To You.

Whether you’re designing a transit bus for Uruguay, Belize or the Philippines, or a truck for the oil fields of Oman, Qatar, Navistar engineers bring a local understanding to supporting your critical needs. Our teams are knowledgeable of global emissions standards, constantly changing regulations and, most importantly, how your designs will impact end users in your region. Only a global leader like Navistar offers the depth of resources your applications require.

About Navistar

Early 20th Century truck with MaxxForce engine
Semi truck with MaxxForce engine

A History of Leadership.

Navistar history stretches back to 1831 and the revolutionary McCormick reaper. Since then, we have built a solid reputation for designing and manufacturing some of the world’s most powerful and reliable commercial vehicles, equipment and engines. Today, Navistar (NYSE: NAV) is one of the world’s largest companies with more than 20,000 employees working across more than 70 countries.

Getting Up-Close with Customers

Navistar engine professionals talk about how customer needs drive engine development.

A Foundation of High Performance Design and Manufacturing.

MaxxForce engines are a key part of Navistar International Corporation, a global holding company whose subsidiaries and affiliates design and manufacture commercial and defense vehicles, buses, recreational vehicles, and vehicle parts. It’s this corporate framework that makes our engineering teams so flexible when tailoring MaxxForce engines to a wide range of applications.

Dump truck with MaxxForce engine
Humvee with MaxxForce engine
School bus with MaxxForce engine
Ambulance with MaxxForce engine
Cement mixer with MaxxForce engine

Spanning the Globe to Keep Your Ideas Moving Forward.

Navistar’s Global Distribution and Service Network supports MaxxForce diesel engines across 40 countries in every corner of the globe. You’ll find expert service, access to MaxxForce replacement parts, and total support for your vehicle designs throughout North America, South America, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, South Africa and Europe.

World map with MaxxForce manufacturing and parts and service locations
  • Lisle, Illinois, USA

    Lisle, Illinois, USA

    Navistar global corporate headquarters

  • Melrose Park, Illinois, USA
    Melrose Park, Illinois, USA

    Melrose Park, Illinois, USA

    State-of-the-art engine research, development and manufacturing

  • Huntsville, Alabama, USA

    Huntsville, Alabama, USA

    MaxxForce engine manufacturing and Navistar diesel manufacturing (two locations in Huntsville)

  • Cordoba, Jesus Maria, Argentina

    Córdoba, Jesus Maria, Argentina

    Machining of cylinder heads, camshafts and timing cases

  • Canoas, Brazil

    Canoas, Brazil

    Manufacturing of high-speed engines for pick-ups, vans, buses, trucks, and farming and industrial applications

  • Sao Paulo, Brazil

    São Paulo, Brazil

    Manufacturing of 3, 4 and 6-cylinder mid-range diesel engines

  • Pune, India

    Pune, India

    Production of commercial on- and off-highway MaxxForce engines

  • Hefei, Anhui Province, China

    Hefei, Anhui Province, China

    Development, building and marketing of advanced diesel commercial vehicles and engines